The Legacy: What is it?

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Hello, I’m Oliver V. Smith, Director and Developer at Orthrus Studios.
As part of our company ethos of sharing and learning, we’re going to be writing an at least weekly blog on topics related to the projects we’re working on. I hope they’ll be interesting, informative… and well… not too boring. Today I’ll be introducing our current Games Project, The Legacy.

What Is The Legacy?

Our origins as a studio stem from Abertay University, where during our 3rd year we worked on a project for the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum. The brief was to create an interactive piece to work alongside a new module of learning surrounding the life and legacy the 19th Century entrepreneur turned philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie. It was strange project for us, as we had never imagined working on a ‘Serious Game’ (a game whose primary purpose is not entertainment) but we all enjoyed the unique challenges it posed.

You can see the original trailer of the game here.

Fast forward almost two years and our original prototype developed over a few months, has now been trialled in schools across Scotland, and seems to be performing better than any of us could have hoped. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive but we still had a long way to go. Our clients came back to me towards the end of our studies and asked if we’d be interested in taking the project forwards and finishing the game. I leaped at the opportunity, assembled a team, battled through the legal minutia and formed Orthrus Studios.
We decided we wanted to do a considerable redesign of the project, incorporating all we’ve learnt from our honours projects, the feedback and add things that we just didn’t have time for before.

I realise I haven’t really answered the question of ‘What is The Legacy’ yet, in actuality, I’ve just rambled a bit.

The Legacy is a 3D Isometric Adventure Game where players are tasked with recovering information about the Life and Legacy of Andrew Carnegie as Sam the time travelling explorer sent back from the future, by exploring faithful recreations of key locations during Carnegie’s history and solving environmental puzzles.
In addition to the premade campaign levels, players and educators are also given the opportunity to create their own using a powerful editor tool and share them with their friends and colleagues.

Train Going Through a Tunnel

Thanks for reading, and I hope you come back for our next post, written by our Character Artist Shannon Webster on how she went about creating our player character Sam.