The Legacy: 02-Redesigning Sam

Friday, June 30th, 2017

Hi everyone! I’m Shannon, technically the technical artist but I take part in all things arty at Orthrus Studios! I wanted to give you guys a rundown of my redesign of our main character in The Legacy, Sam.

As the project was being revisited and revamped its main character, the time travelling Sam, needed a decent upgrade. On the second day of working we sat down and had our first discussion about they needed to look like.

The most important thing about Sam is that they had to be a blank slate. They needed to be relatable to as many kids as possible. Androgynous with simplistic cartoon features and no outlandish features was the base criteria for the design.

Moving forward with that we had to think about Sam’s character; a researcher from the future travelling back in time to recover lost knowledge. It really sparked this image in my mind of a trendy Sci-Fi adventurer loaded with gadgets and neons lights. I went through my usual sketch line up of figures and styles, just looking to for something to catch my eye before moving onto actual concepts.

Rough Sketches of Sam

Outfit Sketches and Hair Design for Sam

Once I had an idea of Sam’s general shape (lanky and young) I moved onto making some characters. During this stage I like to keep to simple clothing, a five colour palette and I always keep an open mind and try not to keep anything concrete until the finishing touches on the final concept.

First Sketch of Sam

Alternative Old Version Sketch of Sam

Final Sketch of Sam


The three design sketches that I came up with were all very different to one another. This is where I took a step back and reviewed the practicalities of Sam narrative. They needed something to distinguish them as futuristic as well as some kind of technology to create time portals. The obvious choice was the third concept. Not only did it cater to these narrative needs but also aesthetically was my favourite; it took that neon sci-fi figure I originally had in mind and made it into the beginnings of our new character!

Final Concept of Sam with Animated Wrist Gif